"Life is not about how many breathes you take, but

               about the moments that take your breath away."

       Jeffrey Wu is a professional wildlife and nature photographer, he is accredited by Professional Photographers Of Canada(PPOC), he is based in Toronto,Canada.

      Jeffrey started taking pictures in his early childhood years  following his mother, a portrait photographer.

      Naturally photography becomes his passion. Since 2007, he started shooting with digital camera ,

    In 2010 he joined Toronto Camera Club, the biggest camera club in Canada.

    In 2011 his print “Calmness” won F.I.A.P.Best Monochrome Prints in 118th Toronto International Salon of Photography.He has also won P.S.A Color prints Bronze Medal in 121st Toronto International Salon of Photography in 2014, and numerous awards in regional and international competitions like George Glennie Nature Salon . He has traveled extensively to pursue wildlife photography in  many places of the world, especially spend numerous times in  Africa . He is also a well known photographic expert in high ISO,high speed low light situation wildlife photography .

    In June 2016, his 4 images were invited to join United Nation 2016 “The Spirit of Eurasia ” exhibition in New York, and he was invited to give a lecture- “The subjective expression of photography”; this Is the first photographic lecture ever been held in UN New York headquarter .

    Right now Jeffrey is president of Jiahua Elite Photography Association, he is a member of C.A.P.A, and P.P.O.C,and also in Master Division of Toronto Camera Club. He is also Director of International Promotion of China Birdnet.cn -the biggest wildlife photography website in the world.

   Jeffrey  is  a C.A.P.A certified judge,he has judged many competitions including 2015 C.A.P.A Photo Essay Competition.He is chairman of judging committee of 2015 Toronto International Photography Festival .

  In 2016, he became a judge of "Nature's Best Photography Africa"-One of the most prestigious nature photographic competition of the world.

    His book “Beauty Of The Wild--a wildlife photography field book(Chinese)-野性之美-野生动物摄影手记" has been published in China May 2016. This is the first wildlife photography field guide book published in Chinese language.

  Jeffrey is also an author and photography educator,  he has been giving lectures about various subjects.His images have been published on magazines and websites, including Outdoor Photography Canada .《摄影之友》摄影旅游.《旅行摄影.1X.com,etc.

    Jeffrey loves every aspects of artistically expressing his view of our beautiful nature, especially wildlife and landscape photography, to him, photography is his language to tell people how he sees the world.

    Jeffrey is also a member of 4aperture ,a team of devoted nature and landscape photographers.

    PhotoTour: Jeffrey leads photographic tours mostly to east Africa, with his very intimate knowledge he designs tour route optimize the possibility of creating great wildlife photography,click PhotoTour for more detail.

    Contact: You can contact Jeffrey by email :   iamjeffreywu@hotmail.com

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